Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2010-11-03

G'day mate, good to see Voldie get a few more headaches. Nice the way you got Arabella into finding out what she has been missing and also Harry starting to think of future students. Bit of a weird way to propose to Hermione. Hopefully they can use Trelawney either at the Castle or if she leaves, she goes with enough misinformation to stuff up Dumbles again. Would be nice to see Dumbles run into Amelia's office while she was in discussion with Carolyn. Now that Flopsey recognises Harry as the heir, he should be able to use the Hoggy elves to help his cause. Still a good read. Cheers.

Author's response

Hey Zamia.

Yeah, anytime Ol' Voldy is out of sorts is good in my book.

Arabella is an important part of Harry's life, whether he enjoyed her company notwithstanding. I couldn't just leave her there.

Future students. That's what Yoda had in mind when he said: "After that, if wish you to become Jedi, seek out and train younglings, you must. Only then, a true Jedi will you be.”

Weird way: Funny thing, actually. I didn't intend for that to happen. It just wrote itself. Don't worry, if Harry survives, he'll do a proper job of it.

Trelawney. I'm still undecided as to her fate. I can't allow her to leave the castle at all. Once she left, she'd realize she wasn't where she thought she was and the compulsions Dumbledore placed on her could have her telling him where she was. In either case, as soon as she was back in his hands, he'd either put her to sleep again or arrange for an 'accident'. Like most of his pawns, she's expendable.

Flopsey, Basically yeah. It won't be too overt, but if they detect a prank or the like, or if Harry needs to enter the castle undetected (as McGonagall intimated) the house elves will turn a blind eye.

Until next time...