Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) BenRG 2010-11-03

A nice chapter. I enjoyed Harry's conversation with Remus. Both he and Sirius need to learn to see Harry on his terms, not on the terms that they want (James Mk2). The boy is very different and, frankly, both of them need to accept their responsibilities in that area.

Poor Harry! Confusion with girls is something every growing boy has to tackle and now appears to be his time! Tracey probably does have a small crush on Harry. However, girls are generally more affectionate and physical than boys, so hugs and kisses are more common. Harry is just going to have to learn to handle this fact.

As we saw from Hermione and Padma's interaction, the confusion is mutual, mostly due to those pesky hormones switching 'on'. Lots of girls and boys are going to have to start working out the difference between 'friendship' and 'romance' over the coming year, methinks.

So... Mass-produced runic computers? It could be done if aluminium is the optimum medium (or at least better than stone). More interestingly, it opens the possibility of mass-produced Runic magic as a general product. Ward... er... cans and other rune-based magical apperatus (scrying mirrors, etc.), quickly mass-produced by photo-etching and flooding the market, meaning that anyone can afford home defences of the highest level!

Harry Stark changes the world again! Something tells me that this is going to become something of a habit.

It's always good to seem more of this fine story. Don't stop now!