Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Wonderbee31 2010-11-03

First off, wonderful chapter! You continue to catch on with a Harry who is doing his best to get things set up so Tom goes down, hopefully with very little swinging. I've got a feeling that Draco is going to end up trying something extremely stupid, and here's hoping he gets smacked hard for it, hard enough that it'll take that time. I also like how Cho continues to blossom in this fic, and do also feel she got a raw deal in the canon, that and Harry must've had his crush because it was needed at the time, not because of any real feeling that JKR would've developed on her part, heaven forbid she actually have her characters grow up, instead keeping them in a basic timeloop for the whole series.

Author's response

Heya Wonderbee!


It's hard to write a powerful Harry story that doesn't have him all knowing and all seeing. Here, I've tried to keep him as close to canon as possible, but with a bit more brains and a lot more spine. Here, he understands he is only one man and so has set up alliances with people who can help him attain his goal of a Voldy-free world. To him, anything beyond that is gravy.

Draco's stupidity: This is Draco. Is there any other way? He'll be getting his slap-down in March.

Cho: I agree. She was Harry's crush for small parts of three books, but other than a temper tantrum there was no real settlement there. Le sigh!

Rowling: She should have stuck to adventure stories.