Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) TurtleBlue 2010-11-04

I like the fic except the Ron angle. When I come across his section in the fic I am mentally reaching for the Caer brand of brain bleach! To compound this destruction of my limited brain cells Luna needs to have to sully her bod and faerie-like qualities to help keep Harry's dumbles morals in pristing condition!

I believe a better person to "instruct" Ronnie in the way of the force would be Eloise Midgen. She would be motivated after his comments during the Yule Ball announcement by prof. Kitty.

Author's response

Hello, TurtleBlue.

I've made this Ron somewhat less of an asshole than he was in canon. Here, he's loyal and brave. Unfortunately, he's still lazy and less than highly motivated, but like any dog, he can learn.

Luna: I actually started her pairing up with Ron in chapter four, and have made mentions of it three times since.

Dumbledore's morals: not exactly. harry is willing to chuck his first friend into the tank for the benefit of his group. Dumbledore is willing to sacrifice every single person he has in order to redeem a few who have deliberately placed themselves beyond redemption.

Eloise Midgen: You know, I completely forgot about her. I was looking up names in Lexicon for my student list, and I must have missed her. Sorry.