Review for Profitable Silence

Profitable Silence

(#) Chevko 2010-11-04

If you like Harvest Moon, then this is most likely the fic for you.

If you like casual sim gaming, then this is the game for you.

I must agree with Saicha's comment on Won, but I must also agree with some like Mary, Karen, Popuri... A very good job was done on them all and I must say that reading this made me crave playing the PSX version of it again... Though you can play only as the guy in it.

Very well written - it really drags you into it even if you wander away from the tab/computer for a while and come back to it hours later. And I speak from personal experience here, lol. I went away from the tab the story was on for a while after I started it, then went AFK several times and when I did sit back down and started reading, I immediately became immersed in it again.

I must say again, very well written.

Author's response

Thank you! I'm really happy you enjoyed it ^_^