Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Vanir 2010-11-08

All the goodness I've come to expect from you. Nice flow, vivid personalities and situations, even though you made a few stutters in this chapter. I cannot believe that the Dursleys you've described so far would've acted that way under these circumstances. It was very ...mannequinnish. They did not feel real at all.

Further, you took a shot at my personal Holy Cow.

I'll ignore that you think Glenlivet is the best Single Malt, but Glenlivet have never
made whiskey.

WhiskEy is made in Ireland. It's also a trade name for some colonial alcoholic corn syrup, but in Scotland, where The Glenlivet and others are made, there's Whisky. No e. This is very important. It's the 11'th commandment. Do Not Get This Wrong!
So there!
popping a betablocker
Nice, pretty, and I'll be here 'til the end.


Author's response

Hey, Vanir.

I appreciate it. This chapter fought me something fierce.

Dursleys: I don't know. Vernon is a bigot, and accustomed to both having his way and bullying those weaker than he. Petunia is the same jealous cow she was in canon. I can easily see them both having coronaries when their son is honored by the 'freaks'.

Glenlivet: I rarely drink the hard stuff(I still have a bottle of Canadian Mist that's 22 years old and has only had three shots poured) so my thoughts on liquor are naive at best, but Moody, being the proud Brit that he is, would think "If it's British it's best". (and let's not get into the Scot-Brit debate!) As for the 'E' my bad! I just used the more common spelling. (blushes)

My pee pee has been whacked.