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(#) full_pensieve 2010-11-08

Oh, one more note. The VC and GC really are the top of the heap. There aren't exact equivalents in the US, but the VC is granted slightly more often than the Medal of Honor (often called the Congressional Medal of Honor). It probably falls somewhere between the MoH and Army Distinguished Service Cross in terms of significance, since our British friends can also be appointed to orders (I.e. knighthoods). The US equivalent to a GC is a Presidential Medal of Freedom, but the MoF has become very political unlike the GC. I think you were probably intended something more like the civil equivalent of general gallantry/courage under fire. Specifically that would be either a Queen's Gallantry Medal or Queen's Commendation for Bravery.

Author's response

Yes, and no. See the previous reply for an explanation.

I have always wondered why the US doesn't have such a medal for conspicuous bravery, but now that you mention the presidents medal, I recall there is one. And yes, like the MoH, it is highly political. While I was in the sandbox, (before Gulf war episode one, until I caught one in Beirut in '83)) nobody was awarded one. I do have two purple hearts though.