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(#) full_pensieve 2010-11-08

I did re-read your observation on the VC in text in addition to your review replies --- and thank you for those, BTW. Here was my thinking, I guess... how public would the breadth of Dudley's actions be? Historically, the 'conspicuous' part of gallantry and bravery has figured into both the VC and GC awards. So, either he's a very, very public national hero complete with the crush of media, paparazzi, etc. and thus destined for the Queen's honors list... or he's a bit off the books, in which case the award would be at the bottom of the honors list vs the top. There have only been 13 VCs awarded since World War 2, and none of those to civilians. The last civilian to receive the GC was more than 10 yrs ago and all civilian recipients since the early 70s have been police officers -- all in very public situations and all posthumous.

Author's response

Well, though there weren't that many witnesses, there were about 800 people there. (I'm basing on the number of students and parents that showed up at my daughter's highschool for the Homecoming dance)

Unfortunately, the awarding of medals of valour, regardless the country, has become more a matter of internecine politics than the recognition of outstanding heroism.

The MoH is usually awarded in a like manner. In fact, right now, the first living soldier since the Vietnam conflict has been recommended, and the congressmen are trying to find ways in which his award will enhance their images.