Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) full_pensieve 2010-11-09

BTW, I do want to be clear --- I like the fic. :). I wouldn't even bother mentioning stuff like this to a writer who didn't clearly demonstrate a respect for the small details in his work. You do, and I respect that in turn. I'm fairly sure that it was Keith who first introduced me to your work long ago, BTW. Unfortunately I have little contact with the rest of the crew of late, as... well... real-life is a pisser, LOL. He and Dorothy have always been good about responding to Emails in the past; you should give him a virtual tap on the shoulder.


Author's response

I'm very happy you are enjoying my fic.

Quite honestly, coming from such an accomplished author as you (and the late Fenriswolf) makes the review even more appreciated. Details are what make the story, IMNSHO, so feel free to correct or suggest. I may not use it here, but there are other stories in the future...

Keith has always been one of my very few favorite authors, that he introduced you to my work makes me blush.

I didn't want to bother them directly as it would have seemed to be whining. (but whining to their friends is ok.(Smirks))

I also understand that Real Life can get hectic. As you read at the beginning of Chapter 21, my sister died in September and we're still trying to sort things out.

Until next time...