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(#) Cateagle 2010-11-09

I was greatly amused by Draco's on-going problems; he really brings a lot of it on himself and he can't seem to understand that (I swear, he doesn't think a bit about the consequences of his actions - he's as bad as Ron and I'd love to see someone still at Hogwarts tell him that). Meanwhile, -those- chocolates while he's in the bath? He's going to have a very uncomfortable time and then to find the "prepared" underwear? He really shouldn't have annoyed all the "little people" he depends on, I'm certain it's going to come back to bite him, perhaps in several ways.

I suspect that the discussion with Moody is going to have some interesting repercussions as Harry wins him farther over to his side. I rather expect that this may also generate some new perspectives on Albus. 'Twill be interesting to see what results.

I loved the meeting at Amelia's residence and the follow-up ceremony at 4 Privet Drive. It had to most thoroughly annoy Vernon and Petunia while showing Marissa's parents just what esteem their prospective son-in-law is held by authorities in both worlds. I find it interesting that Amelia carefully omitted the monetary amount associated with it. I'm sure that'll help Dudley and Marissa at such time as they set up housekeeping.

The means Amelia and Connie devised for dealing with those idiots supposedly "serving" the prisoners in Azkaban was fun; methinks Percy may not be long for his present position and will get posted to somewhere more deserving of his talents (magical equivalent of second-assistant dogcatcher, perhaps?).

The training of Harrys troops seems to be proceeding well, despite the straglers (I suspect Ron will catch up, it's just a matter of time and Luna's persistence). The dealing with lavendar was brilliant and encouraging her to continue training so as to be able to protect her patients was a good idea (it shouldn't happen, but... - and 'tis far better to be prepared and not need to be than to not be and need to be).

Finally, I love the little surprise that Harry's planning for Albus; I'm sure he'll appreciate just how much time Harry's put in to make the perfect present; though I doubt he'll appreciate the non-magical aspects nor the effects of the present. 'Twill be interesting, in light of his age, to see how long he survives once his magic has been eliminated.

Author's response

Heya Cat!

Drakey is one of those people who just won't learn.

In canon, yes. Draco is Ron with a lot of gold and better table manners.

Bath & chocolates. Glycoside (Exlax) takes a few hours to take effect. there will be no murking of the water here.

And as soon as he returns to his quarters, he'll get dressed. A few hours later... (Insert evil chuckle here!)

Speaking of biting...I'm thinking of introducing him to either fleas or crab lice.

Moody is pragmatic. EH 's lived through war and understands it. He also has never agreed with Dumbledore's seeming pacifism, and now that he knows of Dumbledore's closet blood-supremacy, he will more willing to help Harry eliminate the old windbag. That he's been a pseudo-confidant for fifty years certainly won't hurt.

BTW, Moody will be one of the lucky devils who gets to shoot at the Jedi apprentices.

'Thoroughly annoy' is putting it lightly.

Monetary award: Harry suggested it, knowing that Vornon would have it out of Dudley in a day or so. the last thing he wanted was a wealthy (and therefore independent) Vernon Dursley. He'll be told of it (privately) before the formal investiture.

The guys: I despise people who refuse to do their jobs because it requires a little work. I had three guys just like that in the sandbox, who would do the absolute minimum part of their jobs. In the field they were decent soldiers, but when we returned to out camp, they'd just slack. I finally had them assigned to Supply, polishing bullets...literally.

Percy: How about the 'Department of Misfiled, Misplaced or Incorrectly Filled Out Forms'?

Ron: Ep. Luna will keep on him, (and often under him) until he catches up. He'll be playing an important role in the final battle.

Lavender: Same. She has an ingrained aversion to kill, and unfortunately to be a soldier, (and that includes the Jedi) one must be prepared to take lives, to protect others. It sucks, but there it is. Still, she's willing to do something else that will advance the group, and at the same time, is willing to use her weapon to defend, which is what the Jedi truly are.

~(it shouldn't happen, but... - and 'tis far better to be prepared and not need to be than to not be and need to be).~

I agree.

Little surprise: I thought you might like that. Believe it or not, I had that part written out before I finished chapter three. I will adjust it a bit, as the characters have begun to write themselves, and I don't believe in the 'slam-on-the-brakes-and-turn-hard-left', scenario Rowling used. That's what got us Ginny-Sue.

Living: He's 150+, man. He ain't got long for this world.

Util next time...