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(#) Cateagle 2010-11-09

Got a better idea for Percy, The Office of Redundant Redundancy; he can pontificate to his heart's content and it'll have no affect whatsoever. I've known a few engineers like that, never wanted to go see reality down "on the line" and thought they knew it all; if their peers didn't shame them out of it, management finally dumped them before they did too much damage (most of the time, I do remember one manager i witnessed (fortunately, not as a subordinate) who did considerable damage - 100% turnover in his department within one year, leading to considerable cost and schedule problems - who was 'requested' to retire); I've also seen a few reassigned to where they wouldn't hurt anything, no matter what they did.

I'm hoping that Harry's present for Uncle Albie allows him sufficient time to appreciate just how thoroughly he's been done unto before he departs, despairingly, onto his "next great adventure" - knowing that James, Lily, Sirius, and several others will be waiting for him to express their 'displeaure' with his behavior.

Author's response

Heya cat!

Percu's assignment:

~The Office of Redundant Redundancy~

...and the only thing there are mirrors, so he can be happy pontificating to himself.

One of the first rules I learned on a construction site was 'Never let the architect on site!'

Bob McNamara tried that. "I'm your supervisor, so obviously I'm a better engineer!" The result of his stupidity was the M-16 rifle and the F-111 Aardvark.

Unlike the US government, you had some good management.

I'm surprise that 'I.D.10(t)' didn't find himself transferred to Adak!

Harry's gift: It will. Dumbledore will have a few years left, but being a squib, none of the few remaining purebloods will listen to him because he's a been squibbed, and none of the rest, because they'll be told the truth. Remember? Harry has control of the two major newspapers in Britain.

Next great adventure: "I'm thinking a boxing ring. (Snicker!)