Review for Dark Times Call for Dark Measures

Dark Times Call for Dark Measures

(#) mahjong 2010-11-10

It's also a shame that you're untalented, a touch illiterate and lack the ability to put a little originality in your work. And I don't man an OC either.

Author's response

umm excuse me but what the fuck do you mean that theirs nothing original about my work? in case you didn't notice fanfiction is based off of other things like bands books and tv shows which other writers came up with. And when I started writing the story I hadn't seen anyone with that idea. what makes you so grate any way. the oc is my own person based off of an idea I got while reading and watching Harry Potter. I'd like to see you do better. As for me being untalented I think other people will disagree. I'm sorry if other people think your work is crap but that doesn't give you the right to say other people who have good work don't. Ya so what if most of the story is based on the whole Harry Potter books and movies thing that's how fanfiction works. Or are you trying to tell me that everyone that bases their work on things like TV and movies and bands are unoriganal? That's why it's called FAN FICTION fan's writing fictional stories based off of other things. Sorry my writing isn't perfect and other words got thrown in when I used spell check or theirs typos shit fuckin happens. The reason the story is so heavy into the Harry Potter plot line is because the OC was writen in the p.o.v of someone that's been in the damn story but wasn't in the books or movies. So please tell me how where the fuck you get off on calling my work unoriginal?