Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Wonderbee31 2010-11-10

Great section, and really enjoyed that time spent with Harry here, as well as seeing Draco make even more of an idiot of himself than before, but given that he seems to be mentally incompetent, I don't see how he should be breathing much longer. It just begs the question of why a female had to be cursed with him in the canon epilouge? Why? Liked Harry's way to deal with Dumbledore, and hope it comes through, just so we can see the old man become something that he'd likely have a fit about.

Author's response

Heya Wonderbee!

Thank yeeew!

Draco: Jun 21.

Draco is going to do something abysmally stupid, Dumbledore will try to cover it up and both end up out on their asses by the end of April. Actually When I wrote it, I wrote it for this chapter, but decided at the last minute that it was too soon. You're gonna love it.

My question is how did Draco end up with Astoria Greengrass, one of the few Slytherins who never seemed part of his little Clique, instead of Pansy(I-chase-parked-cars)Parkinson? What happened to her?

On the other hand, I've known a lit of real assholes who've ended up with the hottest babes. (Le Sigh!)

What better way to punish him, than to make him what he's always looked down on?