Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2010-11-11

How much more will it take before people realize that Draco is too stupid to live? Ah well. He's doing it to himself. Why do I have the feeling that he'll try to make his own lightsaber and it blows up in his face?

Harry is right about Crouch Jr. He was a decent teacher. At least Moody has finally seen Dumbles as he really is. Moody is a bit too paranoid at times. He really needs to get one of those magic goblets from myths(one shatters if poison is within it and then reforms after it is cleaned and another has gems that turn from sapphires into rubies embedded on the outside if poison is within the cup.) Still it is quite amusuing with the jokes Harry has played on him.

I can see Dudley tell the bank to restrict his vault to only deposits until he turns 18, so he has the money to flee #4 Privet Drive when he comes of age.

Percy. Might as well send him to the Centaur Liason office.

I wonder what Vernon and Petunia would have been like if those compulsions weren't there. They need professional counseling. I recall a case where a doctor used hypnossis to get a 'patient' of his too beat his girlfriend. The fact that a recording was made of the session brought him down and the guy went to see anpther head shrink to get his mind straightened out.

Lavender. Hm. It seems like she might be the one to bring the Longbottoms back. If she truly does have a gift for healing then it would make sense that she would be the best to heal all the trauma that the three victims of Dumbledore have suffered(Frank and Alice Longbottom, Sybil Trelwaney)

Harry made a mistake in the training units and I hope somebody points it out to him: a lot of Death Eaters can apparate and will probably use it to effect in the final battle.

Hope Dumbledore enjoys life as a squib or magically handicapped. Harry needs to to watch that himself about squib/muggle and the fine.

Nice addition to the story.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor.

Draco: Fortunately we're safe from that particular problem. Draco holds all things muggle in contempt.

Assuming eh can use the force, he'd hardly consider it 'proper' magic, and likely disregard it entirely.

Since he's never seen the lightsaber, he cannot imagine it. His only association with magical or magically endowed weapons would be the sword of Gryffindor assuming he's ever heard of it.

(Though I admit it would be funny to watch his face as t went 'snap' 'Crackle' 'Pop' 'Boom!')

Even Voldemort has only heard stories of it.

Moody: (Apes James Earl Jones) "His fall to the dark side is complete! Damn, I'm good!"

Moody would have to think up the anti-poison goblet himself before he used it. There is a time when paranoia can save your life.(Just ask any police officer or soldier) But he does tend to carry it to extremes. (And it was /86 year old GLENLIVET!/)

Besides, how often can someone put one over on the old master?

Dudley: I don't know if the VC comes with a monetary award, but when the OoM is formally awarded, he'll be told privately.

Jeeze! I hope that shrink went to a ten by ten cell with a three hundred pound gorilla named Bubba!

Honestly, given what I read in SS, they were already well on the way to what I made them. Dumbledore's influence would have enhanced their actions, but the intent was always there. As a side note, there are only a coupe of good stories having a 'not' assholish Vernon/Petunia. the best IMNSHO, is Valandar's 'A better man'. On FF.n. though a Harry/Ginny fic it is a well told tale.

Lavender. Sorta, yeah, I'm still working in that angle. While she does have a gift for healing, she can also use the force...BUT, it won't be for a long time and it wont' be a miracle cure. If anything, she'll start the process.

That mistake has been corrected. From here on out, the students will be training in 'circle; inner' and 'circle; outer'.

Dumbledore: He won't.

Harry: He hasn't heard of the change in laws yet. When he does, he will adjust, and I truly cannot see him referring to anybody as 'Mudblood'.