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(#) full_pensieve 2010-11-11

Hey, Alorkin. FYI, there is an annuity that goes with both the VC and GC, in the amount of 1,495 pounds per year as of 2002.

Some additional grist for your mill as the Dudley story arc moves forward:

* The youngest recipients of both the VC and GC were 15 -- a WW One soldier from Canada for the VC, and an English boy who pulled people from a housefire and was gravely injured for the GC
* In recent years, VC medals have sold at public auction for well upwards of $500,000 US.
* VC and GC medals have also become popular targets for theft, from individuals and even from museum collections
* Today there are only 29 combined living VC and GC recipients, of whom 22 received the award prior to 1980.
* Despite there having been a few civilian recipients of both awards, the British defence establishment appears to view both as military awards. There are a number of examples of this in the general media.
* The Victoria Cross and George Cross Association is comprised of living award recipients, and exists under the auspices of the Royal Society of St. George and the Ministry of Defence. There is an Association Reunion that has been held roughly every 2 years since 1958. The most recent was held on Nov. 10, 2010, in fact ( The last several reunions have comprised a memorial service and a formal dinner with the attending recipients and their invited guests, the royal sponsor of the Association (Prince Charles since the 2003 reunion), the Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Defence, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, other members of the royal family, and the relevant Ambassadors to the UK when non-British recipients have attended.


Author's response

I thought there might be, but I wasn't sure. I've never met a winner of either VC or GC, but I have met three MoH winners. One, back in the 70's, was a WWII vet (now deceased) with a prosthetic arm and leg, One a lieutenant, (also deceased) who charged a NVA machine gun nest, near pleiku, and one of the Tuskegee airmen, (At a former Commanding Officer's retirement.)

The funny thing is: All three of them told me that they were lucky enough to survive being stupid(their words, in every case!)

Quite frankly though I'm older and (presumably) wiser, and i respect he hell out of anyone who's earned that particular medal, I don't think I'd ever like to have one.