Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2010-11-24

Dumbles finally showing his true colours. Good to see Arthur showing his inner strenght. Hope Harry has a contingency plan for looking after Amelia from attack. Like Harry's ability with the kids...should start on his own. Even starting to worry about poor old Rita. Hope Arabella has some success with her memories. Another good chapter. Cheers

BTW just went over 600 A4 pages in Word.

Author's response

Heya Zamia.

Dumbledore is losing it and as time goes on, it's getting worse. While he did't mean to spout off, he also doesn't realize he has.

Arthur: I've always thought of Arthur as a dad I'd have loved to have.

Harry's contingency plan will show in early May.

Kids 1: Kyle and Sarah represent the future of the Jedi presence. While not a major plot point,they will help tie things together.

Kids 2: Not just yet. Harry still doesn't know if he will survive the coming show-down. Any begetting will be up to Hermione.

Rita: is as safe as she can be, given that her body guard want's to disassemble her and rebuild her backwards.

Arabella will have some successes, but it will take some time. It may take even longer than I have left in this story, but there will be definite signs of improvement, most especially her memories of her children and grandchildren. To her that's the most important thing.

600 A4 pages: I didn't know that. I was rather surprised to see I capped a quarter million words, though.

Until next time...