Review for War Photography

War Photography

(#) RainPaw 2006-09-21

YOU KILLED THEM! killed them all some their bodyies were killed some their souls were killed.Starts to cryWhat about Neil if Archie has to die then so dose Neil which reminds me YOU KILLED ARCHIE! what about pure Atlanta and her brocken hreat!This is not supposed to be a bad review but it just made me so sad!Crys harder

Author's response

Well, I'm glad the story had the emotional intent I was going for :) For the record, Neil does kind of die, but it's offscreen -- like I mentioned multiple times already, I couldn't get his section to fit with the other vignettes, and including his would have dragged the story on for too long. And, er, I don't know about Atlanta. I didn't really have much to say about her for this story, but if you would like to write a sequel or something, go ahead. Just let me know so I can read it.