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(#) Disruptor 2010-11-25

Can't feel sorry for Draco. People like him usually meet a very messy end when they are imprisoned.(child rapist & killer is the lowest and even murderers and rapists will kill them) Still, they needed him left alone to allow more time to bring down the one who allows such transgressions to take place.

Dobby will have to be careful about the dark side. Still passion, yet serenity and emotion, yet peace.

Dumbles really pushed it there. With his compulsions and ignoring the Potter will, he basically is trying to take over England. His rant to Arthur just reinforced that. I wonder if the Weasley's will get some money from the Dumbledore estate when this is all over due to the compulsion spells.

There is a saying that applies to ole Dumbles:

They always warn about falling into darkness, but what they rarely warn about is the evil that men do while blinded by the light.

At least Rita is happy at the constant trouncing of Dumbledore and the the Death Eaters, since she write her stories without repurcussions.

Amelia does have a sense of humor with the joke she played on Arthur.

Those articles written have really hurt Dumbles quite a bit and are quite humorous.

Dumbledore's reaction in trying to get rid of Rita was amusing and informative. The lie he perpetuated to keep Snape's animagus form a secret was in character.

Harry might not like Rita, but he is protecting her.

Dumbledore is making a mistake as is Voldie. Ameila might be Minister, but it is three other women who are causing most of Dumbledore's & Voldemort's headaches: Agusta Longbottom, Carolyn Chapman, & Andromeda Tonks. Even IF Dumbells and Voldie succeeded in killing Ameila, those three would just choose someone who is not aligned with either one. Speaking of which, the Queen should be asking to meet the three of them very soon. Amelia might be the Minsiter of Magic, but those three are the lawmakers.

As to Pansy Parkison, unless she's a Death Eater, she will wind up with both the Snape and Parkison money. I can't feel sorry for Snape for having two insane master due to all the evil he has done.

If Stokes is Force Sensitive, he'd be the House Elf equivalent of Bao-Dur. Even if he wan't, he still seems to be. At least the training remotes are going to be comming into play. Stokes might actually come to the conclusion that they need more than that and start building practice droids such as the the one in Jedi Academy with the yellow lightsaber.

At least the Harry's Jedi have the right attitude about combat and war: It is a good thing that War is such a terrible thing, lest we come to love it.

I feel sorry for Arabella. Dumbles took away her memory of her grandchildren and has fed lies that Arabella is dead, meaning that her children don't know she is still alive. At least she gained a new friend in Mrs. Granger. I hope that she gets her memories back either by the Unspeakables or Maybe Lavender Brown could repair her mind.

Kyle and Sarah are standard kids. At least Harry is leaving them with their parents.

Hermione's prank on Harry could have some repurcussions on her, such as a bed filled with Cool Whip.

I don't know too much about blackberries, but considering how insanely tough mullberry tress are that seems reasonable.

Author's response

Draco: Basically, yeah. I wonder how he'd have turned out if he'd been spanked as a child...and didn't have two psychotic blood purists as parents!)

It's interesting you should mention that particular crime, as it will play a definite role in the downfall of Draco Malfoy and Albus Toodamnmanynames Dumbledore.

I don't think Dobby will have too much trouble ther5e. His dark side relates directly to the Malfoy family, and he will play a decisive part in their downfall.

Technically, Dumbledore had already taken over Britain. It's just that his final push was derailed, and once those threads were exposed, it's easy to unravel the whole tapestry.

I like your quote. There's another one that also applies. "Very few people can see the truth in their mirror." Dumbledore has become so convinced of his own self-assumed 'lightness', that anyone who disagrees with him, is automatically dark.

Rita is under Harry's protection (through Minuard) but she still has to be careful. Her last encounter with the Deez should have driven that lesson home.

Amelia: All work and no play... She has to have a sense of humor, or her day to day dealings with the corruption of Fudge's government would have driven her 'round the twist.

Articles: I love zinging Dumbledore. Call it a revenge from my own childhood.

Dumbledore's lies: Precisely.

Although Harry despises Rita, she is a valuable asset in his war. and so, yes, he's going to protect her as far as he can.

Dumbledore and Voldemort share several traits, the biggest of them are: Their overblown egos, their innate refusal to see their own faults, and a desire to create and rule their own individual utopias.

The queen is pretty much behind the scenes. She cannot allow herself to be scene as interfering, or there would be war with the muggles. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort would see to that. Remember when she sent the note to Harry? "What has been done has been done for the good of France, and under my hand...Richelieu" Basically she gave him permission to anything necessary to protect the realm.

All the other muggle/wizard conflicts in this story, have been initiated by Voldy.

In the event of Amelia's death, Connie is ready to take her place. Though Dumbledore would try to position his puppet, as you've said, Augusta Andromeda and Carolyn control the majority of the Wizengamot, and just now, Dumbledore's name is pretty close to mud.

Pansy: She's a little bitch in capon, but unlike her betrothed, Draco, she didn't show any overt signs of being a Death Eater. If she survives, I'm sure Harry will work something out with the goblins.

Since her father is a death Eater, that might cause her a few problems.

Snape: I have no mercy whatsoever for Snape. In canon he's an utter bastard toward Harry and his friends. Dumbledore's justification that he must act as he has in order to remain a spy for the light is pure bullshit. A spy does not bring attention to himself and Snape has done nothing but. He is an evil, vindictive, small minded coward who was instrumental in the murder of Harry's parents...because James picked on him as a teenager!

Actually, in canon, he is more like the typical abused child, amoral and self-serving, whereas Harry is anything but.

Stokes: He's mildly force sensitive, but like Han Solo,(who's force talent is his ability to understand any language) his connection to the force allows only a few things. Still, he's an exceptional mechanic and artificer. If Harry needs it, he can make it.

Training droids: Not for this story. Understand the academy is basically a few years it the future, and this story is coming to a close in June.

~~At least the Harry's Jedi have the right attitude about combat and war: It is a good thing that War is such a terrible thing, lest we come to love it.~~


Arabella: Like any intensive treatment, her recovery will take time. While the Mind Healers will begin the process, it's actually going to be my last OC who does the most. Arabella won't have all of her memories returned by the time this is over, but she will be well along the road to recovery. Lavender will play a small part, but her primary concern will be the Longbottoms.

Kyle and Sarah: I both agree and disagree with the Jedi's policy of sequestering the children as soon as they are identified. The new code requires that they have no emotional attachment, but I believe that was a knee-jerk reaction to the devastation of the last Sith wars. Like the Vulcan's, they have divorced their emotions, an like the Vulcan's they suffer terribly for it's loss.

On the other hand, having the children immersed in the force training and exposed only to force users nearly from birth, tends to produce more capable soldiers with loyalty only to the Jedi council and the ability to sacrifice others for the greater good.(Sound familiar?).

He might...He loves her too much to do anything really mean, but he might find a way...

Unfortunately this story does not include overt smut, and so, any references will be slight, innuendo or discussions afterward.

Blackberry/mulberry: It's not so much as tough, but that they're covered with thorns. Imagine concertina wire, on a smaller, but more vicious scale. There are actually prisons that use blackberry bushes(clumps?) as the natural equivalent of barbed wire.

thanks for the wonderful review.