Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) spellmaster 2010-11-27

A very well written story

I agree with your earlier [april] review reply about the many seriously lacking sudden events in the later books.

I'm not sure if Rowling was scaping the bottom of her idea barrel with a chisel, but so much there was just at a minimum poor writing.

Sudden wonder characters?, hermonine having her brain dripping from her ears?, letting Ron rejoin them when they should have left him with a broken jaw [at least] after walking out?

The love potion idea has been also covered by many other talented authors, and i agree that it puts a huge range of suspiscion on everything in several later books

Ok there was some foreshadowing if you squint really hard after a bottle of absinthe, and if you care to think that very minor plot points can be something more.

The canon relationships.., yeah, enough has been said by you, others and many family pets, to say that a hat and a blindfold was probably involved for that to happen anyway.

Hoping for another quality update soon

Author's response

Hello, spellmaster!

Let's just say the series ended with book five, shall we?

There was some foreshadowing as to several plot points, including potions. It only makes sense for Dumbledore to keep Snape out of prison, his forgiveness policy notwithstanding. It would allow him to have someone under his thumb to brew the proper potions to keep the more troublesome students(and perhaps, adults) under his control. I think it was in book four that Molly told the girls abut using potions on Arthur. Wile it may have been an inhibition relaxer (liquor does that!), it was still laying the groundwork. Book sux, was so filled with the potions, that it's impossible to not suspect the use of 'freelance pharmaceuticals'...especially given the abrupt personality changes in both Harry and Hermione.

Still, Rowling did give us a nice playground filled with all kinds of loverly plot-holes.

Anyway, thanks for writing.