Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) CootiePatootie 2006-09-22


You ARE evil!!! What is it with those Abbot girls; can't they tell that Harry is NOT that kind of wizard?

Seriously, great update. It was so sad that Hagrid was already dying, but it makes a lot more sense now, his charge in battle. The idea about the axe and Harry's 'hand' and all was pretty ingenious too.

Hagrid's letter to Harry was heart-wrenching.

Sorry I haven't been able to participate lately; I'm at a critical point in my thesis if I want to graduate this quarter. Unfortunately, it's not that I WANT to, I HAVE to. It's a money thing, you understand, I'm sure.

Anyway, great update. I look forward to the next one (of this AND BITJ)



Author's response

Well there you are! I've missed your input on the forums. By all means handle real life first, but you can always spare a few minutes for a visit to the forum can't you? See you'd be up on all the latest twists and turns if you did.

Glad you liked it. Hope to hear from you soon.