Review for New story! Auditions!

New story! Auditions!

(#) MyChemicalRomancer 2010-12-08

Name: Eleanor Frances ( normally called Ellie Frank )
Gender: Female
Age: 15 ( but can be changed for story )
Height: 5'5 / 5'6 ( I'm quite tall for my age
Weight: 100 - 110 pounds
Eye color: right eye ~ blue, left eye ~ brown
Hair and body type: My hair is just past my shoulder and hazel length. I have a huge sweep side fringe and bangs. I sometimes have my hair dyed in bright colours / the tips of the hair and fringe. It's naturally curly and is in big ringlets. I'm tall and slender for my age, have aleish skin and a healthy size.
Clothing: I normally wear band tees, skinny jeans and converses / vans. I also wear baggy shirts ontop of my tees. I have bands up my arms that cover my scars.
Personailty:I'm shy at first but once you get to know me I'm a chatty character who is hyper and giggly. I get hyper easily and I'm quite confident. I'm the lead singer of my band and can play the guitar. I'm addicted to skittles, chewing gum and my ipod.
Something about you that sticks out: My eyes and my hair. Also I have been told I have a lovely smile.
What are you afraid of: Spiders and clowns.
Which role you want to be: Mikey's crush or Gerard's best friend please :) xxxxX
much thanks ! :) xxxxx