Review for New story! Auditions!

New story! Auditions!

(#) emo-girl 2010-12-08

Name: Emily J
Age:14 (can change)
Eye color: blue
Hair and body type: spiked light mousy brown hair, tall, kinda pale? strong, well built, dark make-up etc.
Clothing:band t-shirts (anthrax, mcr, paramore, a7x etc) skinny black jeans, converses, jackets etc. not much jewellery, nose piercing (can i have a lip too!!!) fingerless gloves
Personailty: funny, friendly, talkive, good listener, a good joker
Something about you that sticks out: nose piercing, standing out with something different like wearing skeleton fingerless gloves, spiked hair, black make-up, apparently i have nice eyes... my laugh (i have many)
What are you afraid of: sharks
Which role you want to be:mikey's crush... i think he's sweet and cute and i'd love that part!

anyway cant wait for it!!! good luck! thank you!