Review for New story! Auditions!

New story! Auditions!

(#) HeartbreakhOtel 2010-12-08

Name: Liliana.

Gender: Female.

Age: 17

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125

Eye color: dark brown, almost back, depends on the lighting.

Hair and body type: brown, naturally curly, layered to the extreme. parted to the left. down to my boobs. I'm athletic, so slender, but kind of curvy in the hips and buttocks section.

Clothing: Bright and dark. Depends on my mood. I do skinny jeans, band tees, shirts with sleeves. I wear a hoodie constantly. Ballet flats or sneakers.

Personailty: I like to be alone, but only so I can think and not get distracted. I'm a focused person. I hate drama and I'm straightforward when I need to be. I'm caring to people I love, don't trust easily, but I also have a problem saying no. My kindness is taking adavantage of often, but I don't let it get me down. I was taught to see the beauty in everything. I pay attention to the little details most.

Something about you that sticks out: I'm a diabetic, but I don't consider it a disease, it's a gift. My outlook on life. A lot of shit has gone wrong in my life, but I'm still here and still standing. The little things make me happy the most and I try to appreciate nature and all it's glory.

What are you afraid of: Spiders, like the Camel spiders, things are big as a plate! I'm afraid of getting hurt physically : like falling, breaking a bone, getting cut, getting bit or stung by something. I'm afraid I won't like what I see in the future.

Which role you want to be: Any role is good.