Review for Thunderstruck


(#) middleoftheroad 2010-12-19

I loved it. I was getting really tired of the Seph and Cloud before Seph went crazy, they were so bubble gum. Its also a nice reminder that Clouds not quite with it ether. If you would like to reply, didn't Cloud kill Sephoroth 3x? He through him when Sephoroth first found out what happened and destroyed Clouds home town, the end of vii, and cc. That's 3 right?

Author's response

Have you watched Final Fantasy Advent Children? Because that's when this was set. If you haven't seen it, Sephiroth is brought back by through a remnant with Jenova's cells, in canon, Cloud overkilled his ass after a struggle. In this fic however, he didn't get that far XD Thanx for reading!