Review for Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

(#) TheSoundNA 2010-12-30

blinks HOLY SHI- flounders

FREEEERAAAAAAARD! Yay! And n'awwww dey is so cute! This is possibly the best Frerard I've read in... Well, ever, really. Good job!

So on the rating thingy majig, I'm outta points for now. But once I get them back, I shall make this pretty little fic GREEN, muthafucka! Jus cuz it totally deserves it.

And that's all I've got right now. I'll probably reread it at a less doubletake-worthy hour and actually give you a halfway decent review. It was great, and I'm really sad the chapter ended so quick (it felt like...), so UPDATE AGAIN PRETTY PLEASE WITH A FRANKIE ON TOP! :D


Author's response

Thing is, I could write longer chapters, but they'd take longer to write. Like there's a median speed at which my brain works, beyond which everything gets kinda, you get what I mean, right? I'll try to slam out a really long chapter tonight, but it might take longer to post since I like to search for typos ;) Thank you a frickin' ton!