Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2011-01-11

Good read. Nice to see Winky bring Dobby back into the fold. Is Harry getting a bit too cocky? Hermione & the upper ranks may have to knock some sense into him before he endangers them or himself. Hope Aberforth gets a chance to get one over Albus. Like Rita's attacks on Dumbles. Hope she has her back(exoskeleton?) protected. Cheers.

Author's response

Heya Zamia. That was real bitch to write. I had no idea how to deal with Harry's apparent betrayal of his friend. Harry and Dobby have both been betrayed so often, that they take that sort of thing seriously.
Winky is Dobby's mate, but even in canon, (except when she was drunk) she showed a more level head than Dobby. more, she's lived under Barty Crouch. With his background, she has to have picked up some military thinking. Like Lily in Chapter two, she would understand the 'why' not just the 'what'.

Dobby on the other hand has dedicated himself to being a warrior. He intends to stand by Harry's side in battle, even if it kills him. That's why he let Winky talk him into returning.

Besides, Winky would be miserable without her Dobster to cuddle up to.

Harry: Not really. While eh is getting a little cocky, it's more the confidence of a small unit commander knowing his men are excelling in their training. His 'showing off' was showing off his troops' abilities. What he did in the end, taking on three less-qualified opponents, was more a demonstration of the potential, than a 'Hey! Look at me!'

On the other hand, while Tonks is an Auror, Mack was SAS and Remus is an expert in Defense, Harry failed to consider they might have developed integrated tactics on their own. They will be teaching part of that to the students in the next three months.

Aberforth has gotten one over on Albie. He's gone without a clue. Albus is going to be wasting resources, specifically Snape trying to find out where he is. It'll take a lower priority than finding Harry, but Abe knows more about Albie than anybody alive. If Voldemort got hold of him, Albus would be at a distinct disadvantage.

Jut now, Rita is well covered. Rocheleau covers her at home, her 'disguise' covers her while she's working, and her job at this time is basically to be that annoying little brother/sister your parents insisted on your taking wherever you went. She will pick and poke at Dumbledore until eh makes a fatal mistake. Don't worry. it won't be long.