Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Qellar 2011-01-11

Nice chappy, but I think you doing a disservice to the SAS by not having that SAS force that was attacked by Voldy to be abled to use lightsabers or help out in the fight against both Voldy and DarkDumbles with thier mudane weapons. Have them stay at Potter Castle with thier families. Magic and Tecnology at it's best.

Author's response

Hello, Quellar.

Harry specifically asked the queen to keep the muggles out of this to prevent a magical/muggle war. While having Jedi trained Special Forces would be a good idea, I limited the Jedi to a specific group. By my reasoning, one in ten thousand people are magical, and only one in 10-20 of them would be Jedi capable. There would be a few non-magical Jedi but given the size of the British military, especially a group as small and distinct as the SAS, there wouldn't be more than two or three people who can touch the force. That's why only Mack and Rachael can use a lightsaber. They both carry the magical gene