Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) KenF 2011-01-11

I was almost hoping for Dobby to assign some sort of pennance to Harry.

When Dobby didn't want to tell Harry what Hermione's light saber looked like, I immediately suspected naughty. If custom guns can be both beautiful and functional, than why can't custom light sabers be both erotic and functional?

Good chapter.

Author's response

I can't really see Dobby doing that. He practically worships Harry and breaking off like that hurt him greatly.

Naughty Lightsabers: I hadn't considered that! You have to take Hermione's personality into consideration. While she has a naughty side, at work, she's all business. Her lightsaber would be fairly utilitarian, but more elegant, and easier to wield. Basically Harry's model, mark 2.

Now, Fleur, on the other hand...