Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Wonderbee31 2011-01-11

Same as above, I don't see why harry basically had Sybil punished, as he essentially knew she was gonna try to escape, she had to according to the compulsions, so what I saw there was him basically being cruel and mean spirited to her, so not cool imo, and my feeling for him dropped with this chapter. Did like how Rita kept sneaking in, and can imagine her tittering as she wrote up the copy for that day's story, while Albus is throwing a hissy fit in his room, and will be curious what will happen finally when he can't cast anymore, will he do something out of despair?

I did wonder what Hermione's saber was going to look like, for some reason I was thinking it was gonna be naughty or something, and lastly, I think she and the others need to watch Harry, who is starting to act a bit more like what Lucas wanted the Emperor to come across as, but unfortunately didn't have the skills to write out, and that he may be leaning more towards the dark than he evern understands.

Author's response

Heya Wonderbee.

Harry did not have her punished. As a military commander, he has to consider the safety of sixty three students, thirty four family members and guests, and eighty or more house elves, before her comfort. It sucks, but there it is. He knew the compulsions were there, and suspected their effects, but he had to find out how strong they were. If they would drive her to try to cross a desert on foot, in hopes of finding a transport, they would be too strong for her to overcome. As he said before, if she could overcome them, he'd bring her back to the castle and try to integrate her with the rest. If not, he couldn't afford a spy in his group...willing or not.

Rita: She had waaaayyy too much fun!

Albie: When the time comes, Harry is going to tell him precisely what will happen. Will Dumbledore kill himself? Hadn't considered that.

Lightsabers: Again, you have to take Hermione's personality into consideration. She's dedicated to studying and determined when she goes after something, but with the exception of her naughty side, she's pretty straightforward in style.

I'm partial to Qui Gon Jinn's lightsaber, but at this point, the only models they have to work from, are those in Star Wars, Empire and Return.

She'd see Harry's design (which I loosely based on Obi Wan's in ANH or Luke's in Return as the two are practically identical) as efficient, solid and easily handled, if a bit utilitarian. Hers would be an improvement on his.

Now, Fleur, would likely want hers to look more like Palpitine's.

Harry: He's looking into the abyss. Every solder in combat has had to do this and every one has been changed. He's harder, more determined and definitely calculating, but he is basically the same character as in canon. The effects will be long reaching, but with Hermione as his anchor, and his friends and compatriots around him, he won't fall.