Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2011-01-11

Well. You covered your mistake up fairly well and it became a decent plot point. I've done that myself either work with it or rewrite it. Working with it gives you plots and ideas that you wouldn't have come up with. Nic job.

Abe's upset about his bar, but he undersatnds the problem. No mention of Arianna?

Harry is teetering there. They might have to leave Riddle mansion alone so Harry can take the final test of confronting the Dark Side(Luke with the Tree, Kyp with the Massassi ruins, Exile with the Tomb of Ludo Kressh, etc.). At least Hermione is keeping him anchored and Harry did pull back.

There are two/three other lightsaber designs around at that time: Sun Sword from Thundarr, Beam Saber from Dragonar, Beam Saber from Gundam. Although the last two are light pink. I'm not going top tease someone like Char Aznable for carrying a pink saber. Scratch that there's a fourth: a flaming sword from the Lou Ferigno - Hercules movie. I'm unsure if the She-Ra series was playing/had played by that time with Sea Hawk's energy sword.

Ah well, at least Harry knows now what kind of compulsions there are and the need to get that box.

Snape as Darth Maul? Well, okay.

Harry wouldn't know of him, but Voldemort is more like Exar Kun than Palpatine. Some of those French might ask Harry about people from the 'Tales of the Old Republic' comic with Nomi Sunrider, Exar Kun, Ulic Quel Dorma, and so on.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I was able to fix it fairly well, and now I can make plenty more.

The thing is, Harry is not a Jedi Knight. He has the knowledge, but he only has a few months of training behind him. He is training his people to use the force, and to handle lightsabers in order to help him destroy Voldemort and his gang. He is still the same Harry as in canon. He's grim and determined, but is also prone to anger and insecurity.

If he has to go on a voyage of self-discovery, he will do it after this is all over. Just now, he's driven to train his crew as best he can and he'll make mistakes from time to time. I see him as basically a young officer in a wartime setting.

Ariana: This is AU sixth year, and she didn't make her appearance until Book Sux part II, so I left her out. There are also no horcruxes, and Dumbledore's wand is just a wand.

Lightsabers. I've intentionally not described the lightsabers except for being silver and black cylinders about a foot long.

As I said in another reply, Harry designed his grips on Obi Wan's in ANH and/or Luke's in Return, so they're pretty standard. I'm partial to Qui Gon's but Episode 1 won't come out for another three years. In any case, I felt it a good idea to stay pretty much with the canon SW designs if the time.

The beam sabers look like good solid designs, and Tonks and Luna might like pink blades.

Thundarr's hilt is basically a standard cruciform sword with a flaming blade, Ferigno's looks to be a copy of a Gladius, and She-Ra's and He-Man's swords are just that. They have enhancements, and they're pretty, but they're still swords.

Seahawk's energy sword seems a bit unwieldy for day to day use. To me it looks more like a ranged weapon than a sword, but I've never seen the show. (I missed the eighties. I was either in the sandbox with the Marine Corps, or working on the flight decks of too many ships.)

How about Dobby as Darth Maul? I can just see him in black robes with those wicked-cool red and black tattoos. Maybe during a demonstration?

'Tales' was introduced in the US in '94, and by the time Harry started the training, in '96, they would have been available in Europe, but while it's a great idea, I don't want to clutter this up any further. (It's getting really hard to tie things together as it is!)