Review for Griffon Reborn

Griffon Reborn

(#) Cateagle 2011-01-17

Definitely a chapter well worth the wait. I love the reactions of the different Tonks and I wonder howAuror Tonks is going to take what she's found out after Moody talks to her in that secure location. Meanwhile, it sounds like Alastor Moody and Harry have reached a modus vivendi that will allow the both of them to reach some goals (mind you, I feel sorry for some of the characters who'll get in their way). It should be most interesting to see where events go from here and what effect a recovered Luna has on events.

I rather suspect that Tom is not going to appreciate what happened to his strike force, especially not the loss of some senior Deez. No doubt Peter will be in for "interesting" times.

BTW, welcome back and I hope your muse becomes more cooperative.