Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) twilliams1797 2011-01-17

Well, I don't think I'm up to leaving a ten thousand word review...

I see the treatment of Trelawny as a form or therapy, where she has to realize the lengths Harry will go to help her..and possibly help her break the compulsions on her own.. plus having 'seen the truth ' she will make quite a prophet somewhere down the road.

Thinking about the lightsabers, Luna's would be like one of those color changing LED lights.. cycling through various colors, either in a pattern or since it's Luna, something quite random.

It would be interesting if after the battles and Tom is dead that they find out that their intimacy is killing off assorted DEs, and they realize they could have taken more opportunities to get with the program..

as always, enjoying the story.
Hope you and your daughter are well and healthy, employed and happy.


Author's response

Heya T,

No need for the uber long reviews, (though I like to see them.)

He gave her a chance, because he felt he had to. From her point, he was a jailer, so she would not be disposed to understanding his point of view. Unfortunately the compulsions were just too strong to fight.

On the other hand, when this is all over, she may just see a different aspect of her gift. I believe Sybil was a mediocre seer at best. Her personality and lack of talent would tend to put people off, and unless one has the gift, any teaching she did would be of the sideshow variety.

One thing she will learn, however is that she placed her trust in an undeserving person.

Multi-colored lightsabers: While well within Luna's character, I can only think of one way to make it happen and still have a functional blade. She's have to have several crystals of different colors and a switching system that shifts the exciter from one to the next. It would have to be really large, or not very strong.

H/Hr, will discover very soon before the final battle how their intimacy is affecting Tommy. Her words will be: "Let's see how much we can hurt that bastard!"

Thanks for the well wishes.