Review for Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

(#) TheSoundNA 2011-01-25

AH! Loved it!

I don't have any good fight songs for you ATM, but I'll try to get back to you. I'm home sick for the rest of the week, so I've got all the time in the world to work on finding that perfect tune. :D

I love the idea of dream sequences, AND the idea of getting into Gee's head. Anyone who can such disturbing things, all with the jolliest smile in the world, needs another look in my opinion.

Update soon!


Author's response

I'm so sorry you're sick, that sucks rocks. Totally let me know if you find anything good, though! I've been pondering if/when the story's going to be from Gerard's perspective. To me, people are so warped and changed by the world around them-the things we struggle with change us, for better or for worse. I do think Gerard's very brave and protective of the people he views as his family, so that's gonna be interesting to write about :) I'll do my best to crank out another long chapter before I leave! xo b_b