Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Wolfkin 2011-01-31

Another great chapter, though I understand the need for the . . . "less savory" parts of the chapter. As to that, might we hope that when Snivelous dies, it'll by a lightsabre slicing off 1" at a time, starting with the toes? I'll admit, a part of me wants to see him "taken" by a draft horse, see how he enjoys the experience, but then I think how difficult it'd be to sterilize a horse's penis and . . . evil, evil grin

Good job with the Longbottoms. I agree with your reasoning, though I fully expect Neville to be truly /pissed/(american definition) when he first finds out. I can just "hear" Harry now when Nev demands to know why he kept the info from him and Harry just calmly saying something like, "So you be here to yell at me."

Glad to see some of the memory charms on Figgy were able to be removed. I also love the scene with the micro-bogs (Sarah & Kyle).

All in all, a great read. Keep'em coming! ^_^

Author's response

HJeya Wolfkin.

Thanks for your understanding. I really hated writing that part.

Snape. Yeah, he's a real bastard, and his eventual punishment will incorporate a lightsaber, but he's not gonna die. I have something much worse in store for him! (I'll see your evil, evil grin and raise you a BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Seriously, I thought long and hard about what to do to him. Death is too good for monsters like that. They need to know the true meaning of suffering!

Neville: Erm...actually I had planned on: "This way, you're alive to hit me. You're angry, but you're alive." I might want to use your version though. It's less wordy.

Micro-bogs. Snicker! I've never heard kids called that!

thanks for your input. More is on the way.