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(#) Disruptor 2011-01-31

Mad-Eye knows what is needed. Why do I have the image of flying skulls shooting at aurors. Still Mad-Eye can manipulate Harry and knows it. ^_^ Well, I wonder what's going tp happen to the Floo rights when the Malfoys are removed.

I can see Harry's thoughts about Azkaban being the second best place and death being the best place for them.

Fawkes is really hamming it up there. I think his playing is helping him heal.

Arabella is getting her memories back slowly. I hope she gets them all back someday.

Looks like Herminoe is causing honey withdrawl for the Jedi. ^_^ I wonder if that will force her to rescind that order.

Circle Inner? Not exactly pleasent.

The way the Deez chose their targets were trragic and humorous. The street gang staking them was a favorite, but some of the others....shakes head.

It is this depravity of Death Eaters that holds me back on one of my own fics. It is very hard to put down in writing without puking. I came up with a horrifying punishment for Snape due to it: Sense Dep. Unable to see, feel, hear, taste, or smell anything. Also remove the ability to sleep and deram and all that Snape would be aware of is his own crumbling sanity.

Remus Lupin. Hm? I read a story that had a possible cure in it. It was a book of short stories called(IIRC) Triple W: Witches, Warlocks, and Werewolves. In it, the story went that a were would wear a belt made of human flesh and stand in the middle of an intersection during the night of a full moon and will the disaease away. Oh? The author of the story and book? Rod Sterling(he of the Twilight Zone)

Mack as Mace Windu and Tonks as Pink Five? Okay.

Since Tonks already took pink, I think Luna might go with silver to reflect her name. Maybe Remus will, but he might go with bronze or copper.

The Longbottoms. Whew! That had to be one of the hardest choices Harry had to make. I hope it doesn't cost him Neville's friendship.

Methinks Mack might suggest brining in a shrink or psychatrist

Author's response

Heya Disruptor! Good to see you.

Mad-Eye's toys: I was thinking more like the swirly electric blue eye with arcane symbols floating across it's surface at random. The skulls might be too close to the Dark Mark and that could lead to them doing some damage...even accidentally.

Harry's thoughts. Having fought enough 'freedom fighters' I tend agree with Harry's viewpoint. Anyone who would kill an innocent to make a point deserves lingering death. Worse, is anyone who would use a child to make that statement. Those ones deserve to be boiled alive!

Fawkes: Yeah, he is. Little ham wouldn't let me go without writing something about him. Still, he's important to the story, and will have a nice little part near the end.

Arabella: Eventually, she will, but not before this story ends. Such delicate treatment takes years. the same applies to the Longbottoms.

Hermione: She'll get over it.

Targeting/Depravity: I had to make it random, like a terrorist would, so I pulled up some targets at random and made the sub stories out of that. Like you said, it sucked.

It's really hard to write that kind of brutality. We, as (mostly) peaceful citizens, are fortunate that we never have to see that up close. For those of us who have, it always beings back memories.

I have no problem with writing gory death scenes for adults, but seeing (or reading about) a child being harmed really makes me sick. This is one of my pet peeves about the HP series. All the indications in canon show Harry as being physically, mentally and emotionally abused, and JKR laughs it off.
Having lived through just that kind of abuse, that really torques my jaw.

Remus: Human skin? Like Eeewww! On the other hand, Rod is the man! Seriously, Rod Sterling was one of the unsung heroes of the SF/Fantasy genre. His stories were usually well written and logically arranged. Even when he had a Deus ex Machina, he had a good reason for it. I'm definitely going to have to find that story!

Pink five. Snicker! better not let Tonks hear you say that...dude! She's temper...y'know?

The problem with the lightsaber beams is they have to be crystal based, and the crystals have to be, of necessity, mostly clear, or the beam won't form. I originally wanted to use Moonstone in Remus' lightsaber, but that's not particularly well suited for lasers. On the other hand moonstone is comprised of two Orthoxclase and Albite, both feldspars. Feldspars can be created n labs to be as structurally aligned as any other gemstone and so, and I just might be able to get away with it if I have him tweak the crystal matrix, but in the end, his lightsaber will be a silvery white. I want that for the message it sends to his primary opponent.

Tim suggested a shifting blade color for Luna and at first I was skeptical She'd have to have several crystals each able to handle the power of the beam, while switching the exciter from one to the next. I figured it could only be done with a huge and ungainly mess, but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps a tight cluster of stones all in the same diamond shell, and something to focus them into a coherent beam...

Longbottoms: It was. And if it works, Neville gets to punch him.

I think it's too late for a shrink.

Actually I'm kidding. In August when I introduced the students and had Harry set up the ground rules, I ensured they would have someone to talk to, whether as formal counselors or just as friends. For anything really serious, Master Mindhealer Lorelei Mentasus just happens to live in the castle. Convenient, ain't it?

Thanks for the great review. Until next time...