Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) celashe 2011-01-31

Attacking two fronts is what screwed Germany in WWII and WWI, though the first one is harder to prove. Also the problem with terrorists is they're not trained soldiers and prefer doing what they want in the field rather than what the guy in charge does. Another problem in the setting in this story is it can distract the leadership in the DEs due to constant needs to reassert their authority. Same for Voldie.

Author's response

Heya Celashe.

I agree wholeheartedly. Fighting a war on two sides is just plain stupid. While Harry has no choice (he has to defeat Voldy and Dumbledore at the same time), he's taken a logical and methodical method of doing it. First one, and then the other. Dumbledore, is for all intents and purposes already defeated. He just doesn't know it yet. Voldemort is a different story. His defeat has to be more visible, in order to force the sheep to understand they can no longer hide behind their neighbors.

Voldemort is misusing his assets. he has around two hundred Deez available with most of them being green. Unfortunately for them, he has grandiose dreams, and an ego to match.

You are correct. The Deez are, for the most part, street thugs loosely organized. They have no real unit discipline. Each wants to be in charge and each resents taking orders from the others. Makes for poor unit cohesion.

In the event of an unprepared target, they would sweep in using overwhelming force and unforgivables to incite panic, and then simply pick off the stragglers. Here, they found that tactic didn't work.

...and you're right again. Voldemort is reeling from his losses. He wants the world and is more than willing to sacrifice his men to get it, but as a leader, he's an incompetent. Hell, even Ming of Mongo proved to be more combat savvy than him.

Thanks for the review. Until next time...