Review for Gerard Way's Diary

Gerard Way's Diary

(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-02-01

OMG i have been reading this all week, and i havn't been able to take my eyes away from it, i think i read some on my phone and did no science work at all in class XD

Now yeah i know my comments late but better late than never, and man this story is just wayyyyy too good for me not to comment.

This is one of the best stories i have ever read and i just love how you have write the characters. I like how you made gerard really think if he liked frankie.
To tell you the truth when i first saw the title and summary i was like 'naaa not one of those fairy ass typed gerard stories where they end up together straight away' butt i was soo taken back by how great it was woww is all i can say.

I love how you put all the pairings gerard had, gerbert was cute too >.< tho course ferard you can't beat ^^

You made it so original and realistic and your writing skills are truely amazing.
anywayyyyyyyyyy just wanted to say that...