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(#) Wonderbee31 2011-02-02

Very interesting part, though I did have to read it a couple of times before I reviewed, as it was very difficult at times with some of the subject matter. I nod and agree with the things stated about the DE's, they aren't much more than street thugs or like folks down South who would dress up en masse and go out to terrorize the neigborhood, yes they could be scary, but it was only hit and runs and in large groups that made them effective, and the moment that large groups stood up to them, their power was greatly reduced. It should have been the same way in canon, considering there were only a relatively few DE's, but that people seemed so laid back for the most part, no one did anything, hell, even the Order didn't ever seem to do much, McG and the others were working at the school for God's sake, which makes no sense for the place to be open, and then they send the "blood traitors" like Nev and Ginny there? Doesn't anyone in the wizarding world have any common sense? I guess according to JKR, they don't.

Sorry, I got off point a bit, but did want to say that while it was intense, it was a well written chapter, and looking forward to how Harry is finally able to topple the whole blasted house of cards of crap right down to the bedrock.

Author's response

Heya Wonderbee!

I agree. this chapter was horribly difficult to write. Since I'd already set the inductions into motion, I had to carry them out, and unfortunately, Death Eaters are terrorists...with all that signifies.

The sheeple mentality is not limited to the wizarding world, I've seen reports and anecdotes of whole neighborhoods being held hostage by one thug with a gun. hundreds or even thousands of people all fearing one punk, because he's shown them he can and will sneak into their bedrooms at night and murder them in their sleep.

Fortunately, there comes a time when people say enough its too much, and strike back. Here, the three most devastating defeats were at the hands of a group of even more dangerous thugs, a group of people trained to deal death, and a bunch of drunken football fans, (God knows how dangerous that is!)

Cannes lack of gave a damn is one of the odd points in canon. while Harry was punished for knocking Malfoy on his arse, McGonagall never punished Malfoy for his bullying. Snape protected his snakes and tormented others unfairly and Mr. Twinkles just twinkled. If this were any real school there would have been open warfare by the time Harry arrived, let alone finished.

Harry's toppling will be by use of a wrecking crew.

Until next time.