Review for AUDITIONS :)


(#) Redlipsticklady 2011-02-06

name: Cassie Ann Taylor

nickname: People normally call me Cass or tay

age: Eighteen

personality: I'm normally a happy friendly person, most of the time i give people second chances. the kind of person that if you said something to me i'd laugh it off. If you pissed me off or got on the wrong side of me, Your in for it. If you say anything about my family or my Friends I'll make sure you'd pay for it.

appearance: 5'2, I'm really small. i'm a size 8 and i'm slightly taned I have vrbrant Purple hair, long and thin, I normally wear, Skinny's or legging, High tops, Band T's or T's with something funny or smart wrote on it. Hoddys.

short bio: I play accuistic Gutar mostly. I Sing but not all that good. I Drink coffee. I live with my mum. Don;t see my dad.. ever/ I know who he is. He just doesn;t want me, i guess thats were i get my temper from. I guess it's because i have noone to vent on so when someone does something i go for them. My mum is the most important person in my life. I love my mum. I go to my grandad's everyday after collage. he's the only man in my life. he's like my dad tbh. thats how i see him. I'm studying to be a history teacher, and in my spare time i teach dance classes to kids from the age of 5 to 16. there awesome kids.

what character you want to be: And i would really like to be Rays girlfriend.