Review for calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

(#) DeathCookie 2011-02-10

NAME YOU WISH TO USE IN THIS TALE OF WOE: Montgomery Scott (that's my real name - no lie)
AGE MOST APPEALING TO YOU: Seventeen. 'Cause I'm sweeter than sixteen! (Not sure if I'm the only one who caught that "Repo! and the Genetic Opera" reference), but whatever) But I'll roll with any of the guys ages!

FACE MATTERS: I'm pretty tall at 5'8 1/2. It's not always that great, because I wish I was more petite. But I guess I will forever be stuck as a medium sized, larger framed gal.
My skin's darker than Gerard's but lighter than Frank's, so I believe I have a bit of an olvie tone..LOL if you Google image search "pale dude" a photo of Gerard comes out, ha ha. I have naturally straight strawberry blond hair, and it reaches all the way to the small to my back! My eyes ares are big and brown, so that makes them very expressive. My typical wardrobe consists of vintage punk t-shirts, jeans (but I sometimes wear shorts with fun prints on them), sneakers, and Doc Martens. I'm obsessed with sunglasses and lipstick! My favorite pair are heart shaped ones! And my favorite lipstick is a redish orange colour, but i'm also known to wear blue lipstick.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF FOOL (your not a fool, I really quite like you.):
-most prominent emotion? Rage.
-how do you react to stress? I tend to just drop everything when I am stressed, because I don't know how to deal with pressure.
-what makes you unique? Scars. They're not from self-harm or anything, but I've always been a total clutz. My "favorite" scar is this gnarly one that ranges from the bottom of my breast to my hip bone I got when tipped over my bike and went crashing down a bunch of rocks.
-anything else? Nah, man I've think I've covered it.

DO YOU WISH TO BE IN A ROMANTIC SITUATION? IF SO, WITH WHO? RAY! He reallys is...something. I have the biggest school-girl crush on him.
IS THERE ANOTHER DETAIL YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCLOSE? My name is Montgomery and I am very uncomfortable with myself and everyone around me. He he, I'm very socially awkward. Oh and I curse....quite a bit.