Review for calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

(#) IsisBane 2011-02-10

NAME YOU WISH TO USE IN THIS TALE OF WOE: BJ Peterson (my first name's Becca... BJ's just what I go by)

AGE MOST APPEALING TO YOU: 21... cuz it the most magical age in the world!!! :D

FACE MATTERS: Well, I have pale skin... kind of like an ivory/porcelain color. My eyes are normally a greyish blue color, but they change depending on my mood. I have short black hair, styled kind of like Billie Joe Armstrong's in the 21 Guns video. I'm about 5'7, and I'm thin, but not to the point where I look anorexic. I have a small obsession with black lace, and so I wear a lot of it. I love the color red as well, so I pair it with either black or a deep purple. I wear a lot of band tees if I'm in a more casual mood, but I usually dress it up a bit more. My style kind of resembles Emilie Autumn, if that helps at all. I guess I'm just kind of gothic.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF FOOL (your not a fool, I really quite like you.):

-most prominent emotion? Fear. I get clingy because of it. It's because I've lost so many things in such a short time, that I always try to keep people close to me because I'm afraid of being alone.

-how do you react to stress? I'm usually pretty calm around other people, but when I'm alone I usually cry a lot. I don't cry in front of people unless I'm extremely close to them.

-what makes you unique? I'm very artistic, and I have a very philosophical view on things. I see things in a different perspective.

-anything else? I have a bad temper, and it usually gets me into trouble.

DO YOU WISH TO BE IN A ROMANTIC SITUATION? IF SO, WITH WHO? Ahem... I would have to say either Gerard or Frank... doesn't really matter. I think they're both so unbelievably awesome.


This sounds pretty cool, and I really can't wait to read it. I won't mind if I'm not picked.

xoxo BJ