Review for calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

(#) missfunghoul57 2011-02-10

Name - Eva

Age - 17..18..whatever you want!

Appearance - I'm quite pale and have hair that comes down to my shoulders. It's light brown with some dark brown streaks and natural curl. I do wear make-up. You can usually find me in a band tee and a pair of converse. (I have about 33 pairs!) Along with that, I'll wear a pair of distressed jeans. I'm on the shorter side, and am a little underweight.


-most prominent emotion? Hmm.....happiness or shyness...if that's a word.

-how do you react to stress? Not very well...I normally won't talk and if it's really bad, I cry.

-what makes you unique? I write 'GO!' with a blue sharpie on my hand everyday. I play piano and LOVE comic books and horror movies. I doodle A LOT!

-anything else? I am a vegetarian and I always have my nails painted crazy colors!

Romantic Situation - Well.....I'm kind of a sucker for Mikey Way!!!! But I'm willing to be with whoever you put me with!

Another detail? I think Ii covered it all....

If you need anything else....feel free to ask of e-mail me at

Thanks! Can't Wayt to read your fic!