Review for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

(#) longreachjones 2011-02-11

Bravo! A fitting finish to what has been a brilliant story. I can honestly say that this story has made me laugh, cry and wince in sympathy.

Some thoughts on the loose ends for the story,

Will Neville ever find out about his daughter?

If Dumbledore is denight his sacrificial lamb, what will he do to compensate? Or even worse, will he now consider Holly to be Tom Riddle Mk II?

Now that McGonagall knows about Chrysanthenum, what is to stop Dumbledore finding out about her?

Author's response


Eventually Holly will have to confess to Neville. Odds are it will happen before his 17th birthday, despite Holly's intentions.

Dumbledore will have to recover from losing his crutches (Elder wand and Pensieve), which is poorly-timed for the reformation of the Order. Sometimes Holly screws up.

Holly isn't concerned with people finding out about her baby anymore- it will provide a reasonable explanation for how she spends her time away from the conflict. If Dumbledore pulls some prophecy out of his arse... Holly will respond, but Chrysalis stays protected at the Nautilus and guarded by Winky.

Besides, Albus may have been wrong about Holly losing heroic lustre since she didn't actually abort the baby, but she had already crossed that line with Sim-Holly.

See you next time for 'The Spiral Path', coming soon to a fanfiction website near you.