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(#) zamia 2011-02-11

First the flood then the cyclone now hopefully back to a bit of normality and a good read. Smart bird that Fawkes. I wouldn't mind being a forlorn waif in Luna's arms. Always someone can see an easy answer to a problem, you just have to ask. Good to see Voldie still suffering. Nice to see Harry keeping in touch with the kids and for Arabella to be getting more memories back. Voldie not only a prescription potion addict, now he is becoming an alcoholic. Good to see the Deez take on happy Hammers' fans. Nobody in their right mind would do that not to mention taking on the Celts. Snape must die in the most painfull way possible. Interesting to see the force be used to make contact with Frank and can see way Harry wants to keep it a secret, just in case. Excellent chapter. Cheers.

Author's response

Heya Zamia!

Fawkes. Yeah, he's hamming it up! Luna is such a wonderful character to write...

A lot of 'goods' here, but there will also be some few more 'bads' before the end of this. (Five more chapters, I think.)

Happy Hammers' fans. I've found that there are few people more dangerous than drunken football fans.

Snape: He's not gonna die. I want him to /suffer/!

Franklin: Canonically the Longbottoms were tortured to insanity. Makes sense, but Radaslab's idea made more. If the Cruciatus was so damaging, the body would give up long before insanity. His idea that the was another cause, especially given the environment I established, would be ideal for a machinating Dumbledore. It would establish a control over Neville, the emergency stand-by BWL, just in case Harry failed.
I'm glad you understand the reasons had to keep this from Neville.

Until next time...