Review for Get Me Outta My Head

Get Me Outta My Head

(#) reynoldssye 2011-02-15

Car Crash, otherwise I will have
MCR-cancer stuck in my head whilst reading it and I will cry :/
definatly more Frankie
Maybe the little girl is Linsey's baby from the future or something like that
btw I'm guessing car crash/cancer is how someone is gonna die (I know thats obvious but I'm slow so thats a breakthrough for me lolz)
ohhh and the last chapter can be them all doing the macerena including Frank (sorry my mind is wandering)
Update soon pwease :)

Author's response

Why the macerena? That's so random. Lol. I'm really very bad at it.
I actually areadly have the last chapter done.
And I really doubt you're slow.
Thanks for reading/reviewing!