Review for Just a lil' audition ;)

Just a lil' audition ;)

(#) emo-girl 2011-02-21

Killjoy Name: Ipod Junkie
Killjoy Age: 15 (but change it to 20 or somthing :P)
Skills: Drawing, computer skills, techo skills, good aiming skills with guns (lazer gun) driving fast, playing music, good when needed to fight
Likes: music, ipod, laptop, art work, bass guitar
Dislikes: Draculoids, people who detray you, BL/ind (killed so many people she knew) People who think they are better than everyone else
Extra info: She lost her parents and had to go on the run, she has tattoo's covering both arms and back all telling a story of her life and what she enjoys, and lip and nose piercing, she can seem kind of shy when first introducted or even moody but she opens up to people after a bit.
Light brown shoulder length spiked hair with a fringe that covers right eye, blue eyes with dark black make-up around them, tall, loves to wear skinny black/dark grey jeans, converses, band t-shirts etc.

If you're doing pairing please put me with Mikey or Gerard