Review for Just a lil' audition ;)

Just a lil' audition ;)

(#) IsisBane 2011-02-21

Killjoy Name: Blaque Liberation

Killjoy Age: 21 (cuz it's so very magical :) )

Skills: really street smart, can pull off almost anything illegal without getting caught lol...

Likes: COFFEE... ;)

Dislikes: dracs and any kind of music that won't give you a headache in five minutes

Extra info: ran away from home at the age of 15, is reaaaalllyyy sarcastic and snappy. can sometimes be overpowering. she has a 2 inch scar under her left eye from a close encounter with the wrong people. doesn't take anyone's shit. she's got black hair (with a pale white streak on her bangs) that's extremely short in the back, and just long enough to almost come down to her chin in the front. she has extremely pale skin and big light gray eyes.

can't wait to read your story!!

xoxo BJ