Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) AmandaPickett1019 2011-02-22

I absolutely love this story. When I first saw the title I was absolutely sure I was not going to like it. You have the best Dobby that I have ever seen portrayed and I am happy that you don't try and make everyone perfect. The flaws are what make the character. Thanks for the quick update.

Author's response

Hello, Amanda.

I'm glad you're enjoying the show.
I agree, the title wasn't the best choice, but at the time, it was the working title, and i got lazy, so I kept it.

Dobby: One of my favorite characters. Unfortunately, too many people write him with a 'Brooklyn Wise-guy' speech pattern. I carefully reread the books and discovered that other than referring to himself in the third person and adding a few qualifiers, his English is better than mine. In this case, I have him with a 'punishment induced' speech impediment, which is why some of the other elves speak more clearly.

I also despise perfect characters. Mary-Sue's have no place in fanfiction! If a character is perfect, there's no room for improvement and like you said, it's the flaws that make the characters interesting.

The next update is already mostly written so I -should- be able to update by this weekend.