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(#) Disruptor 2011-02-22

A bit of foreshadowing early on. All right.

And let the prank plan begin. Hm. Goblin Jedi? Which brings up Buckbeak. Shouldn't Harry try and train the Hippogriff in the ways of the Force?

Hermione is driven. Her drive could be a flaw.(I know Harry will prvent it, but still.)

And Dung gets his comeuppance via Hermione. ^_^ And another nail in the coffin of Dumbledore. I know Harry is going to squib Dumbledore, but I do wonder what other punishments are heading his way.

Harry is now scaring Peevs as bad as the Bloody Baron.

You deserve far worse Dumbledore.

Go Harry and give Dumbeldore even more headaches by denying him any sot of House Elf.

Now Snape has more experience with Buckyballs and the Headmaster too.

Even though Snape has unreasoning hatred for Harry, he was right.

At least Poppy has put the two evil jerks out of commision for a couple of days. I do feel sorry for Poppy. As to Filch, I wonder if he's trapped in the castle by Dumbedledore and just takes his fustration out on the kids, since he's a prisoner.

Poor Lavender, she has a small taste of what Harry's life has been like.

Amelia meeting the Queen? She dreaded it, but knew it had to be done. She had to meet and explain what was going on. Death Eaters are like Satanic cultists.

I have to agree with Mack, Ron needs to stay behind. Maybe send him off to keep certain people form going anywhere(Snape and Dumbledore)

Harry's trying to find a balance between Jedi training and social interaction for the kids.

Forced suicide? Ouch. At least Harry gave a poignant funeral and speech. I'm actualy surprised that Ollivander wasn't there.

I have no idea what Harry wanted the elves for, but he's got a lot of volunteers. ^_^

the Law Office(snicker) 'Dewey Cheatham and Howe' has moved up on the to take care of list. So Harry has to get married to throw the Malfoys off once more. I see Harry going to Graswold and telling him about this and Graswol audits that law office.

New York? Well. It's big and famous, but it does have problems. Gang wars and all that.

What could have really caused some headaches for ole Dummydore is having the reception at Washigton DC. However, it has problems as well.

Philidelphia would probably be the best place. That city takes its reputation very seriously: City of Brotherly Love. So much so, it has the Good Samaritan laws. It would also be a good place for Jedi like Harry and Hermione to be at.

So Remus and Luna have got their lightsabers, and Luna has more than one. Nice stones though.

So the next to last form has been revealed. Harry will have to make two more lightsabers. A shoto for his left hand to allow Jar-Kai and then the Saberstaff.

Spaeking of liightsaber creation, Lavender. Of all the people there, I think she'll be the first to create a red lightsaber and since she's in medical which wears predominently white, she can get away with it. The first thing I think of when I see red on white? The Red Cross.

Now I can see why Harry didn't want to say anything. There'd be no point other than distracting Neville. I think the healers are starting to realize that as well.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor!

Foreshadowing: "Why whatever could y'all mean?" (Fans self!)

I won't be going into the pranks except to mention that they're driving the prime targets batty.

Goblin Jedi: Can't see why not. it'll take some major revamping of their attitudes, but with the reformations Amelia&Co. are instituting, I can see it happening.

Buckbeak is in the forbidden forest. Perhaps in the future, someone can find an effective way to communicate with him and then...we'll see.

Hermione: Maybe driven isn't the word I should have used. She's driven /to excel/. Sides, people's flaws are what make them interesting.

Dung: I don't like the character at all. Fletcher is a worthless guard, who sleeps no duty, and is a half-arsed order member. And for the record, stealing from the dead is just offensive.

Dumbledore: Public disgrace, social ridicule, destitution,...erm, bad press...

~Harry is now scaring Peevs as bad as the Bloody Baron.~

That's because Peeves knows that Harry is dangerously powerful, and he might be able to affect him.

~You deserve far worse Dumbledore.~

Yeah, but it gets the point across.

Dumbledore, depends in his elves for damn near everything. Suddenly he has no clean socks and none of the elves will come when he calls. that'll drive him right up the wall!

Buckeyballs: Yep.

Snape: Yep2.

Poppy: Fortunately, Dumbledore needs her, and her doping him up can be explained away as being medical necessity.

Filch: I was seriously considering that, and I might include it in another fic. Here, he's just a nasty bastard with too much time on his hands.

Lavender is one of the few people in canon who didn't automatically turn on Harry whenever it was convenient. She was more Hermione's bugbear than anything else.

Amelia and the Queen: Agreement! Both are leaders, and both understand that in war, ugly things happen, and terrorists are the most dangerous soldier there are.

Her Majesty's new policy of giving more information is a balm. it doesn't make it all better, but it helps.

I agree. Ron is far too undisciplined. Even though he's grown up a bit, and even though he's advanced considerably, he's still prone to taking unnecessary chances.
He likes to show off, and unfortunately, one day that's gonna jump up and bite him.

I already have that planned for. As a matter of fact, I've been hinting toward it, throughout.

~Harry's trying to find a balance between Jedi training and social interaction for the kids.~

This was something in Star Wars canon that I had a very hard time with. Jedi are supposed to be ambassadors, but they seem more like cloistered monks living on their reputations. I feel that children should be free to be children, and carefully guided, not forced into a mold.

My personal theory is that at the end of the Sith Wars, the Master's Council was afraid of another Sith uprising and rewrote the code to hopefully preclude the possibility. Yoda would have been a young Jedi then and would know both codes.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. You cannot divorce your emotions without damaging what's left.

More...what the Jedi forgot was the word 'balance' means 'equal'.

Anakin did, in fact, bring balance to the force...or at least to the force users. at the end of Ep3, there were two of each side left.

Ollivander: Yeah, I blew it! That's what I get for writing at three AM.

OK, here's my story. He missed the funeral for a reason. If he were present, the elves would have bee more focused in him than on Bitty. He was watching from the castle, though.

Volunteers: (Grins)>^_^<

~The Law Office(snicker) 'Dewey Cheatham and Howe'~

The other choice was Cheatham, Grabbitt and Runne.

Quite honestly, there's no justification...yet. The law firm of DC&H isn't doing anything illegal. They've been tasked to raise a legal challenge based on pureblood law, and have done so. It's up to Harry to prove his continued existence.

New York/Washntpm/Philidelphia/etc:
I've been to more than thirty major cities the US while I was in the mil, and even more abroad.

I chose NY because I've been in that hotel. I took a girlfriend to 'The View' for dinner some years ago (never mind how many). It cost me nearly my whole paycheck, but the view was magnificent!

More to the point, the first thing people worldwide think of, when the US is mentioned, is New York City.

Remus'/Luna's lightsabers: I had to research the particular's of those stones, and added a little magic to Remus', but I can just see Luna being the one who introduces the concept of a second blade. I routinely fence with Rapier and main gauche, so, I'm familiar with two bladed combat.

Harry's second LS. He'll have the elves make another emerald/diamond stone. He has too much work to do, to take six days off. His second grip will be the same as his first, so he's already accustomed to it.

While the double ended saber-staff is ultimate cool, I hadn't planned on giving one to Harry. Remember, it took Darth Maul years of practice with a regular lightsaber, before he built it, and years more to master it. Harry has less than nine months of training.

Lavender: Remember, Harry's induced knowledge comes from Yoda who sees red lightsabers as being of the Sith. Harry wont forbid them, but other than the twins, the stones will be pretty much what's already been used. I see various shades of yellows, greens, blues,and purples. there will be the unusual ones, but for the most part, they will stick to the basics.

Neville.Longbottoms: Precisely. he can't help them and would only distract him from what has to be done.

Thanks for the wonderful review.