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(#) Wonderbee31 2011-02-22

Oh my, I do have to wonder what all might be waiting for Harry and his plans, especially with him not seeming to have informed Hermione, she might well end up mad as hell enough to tell him to take a flying leap at a rolling donut. I felt bad for what Dumbledore did, and given his attitude lately, it did seem inevitable that there'd be some major injury or death. Looking forward to seeing if Dung can drop enough to implicate Albus but good, and will look forward to the next part and see which side does the next major damage to the other, as well as seeing if the Longbottoms can be brought back to the waking world. Got a good chuckle from Tonks saber there, and can easily imagine her giggling insanely as it all came together, even as Luna worked her own specialmagic with her own blades.

Author's response

Heya Wonderbee!

"Take a flying leap at a rolling donut!"

I like that. Mind if I steal it?

It's fumy, though. One of the training aids we used in marksman training was shooting through rolling tires.

I really don't think she will. He's already asked her, albeit in an off-hand fashion, while they were talking to Mrs. Figg, in January, I believe. Here, he's just going to invite her to dinner, and pop the question there.

The magical bonding will take place in mid May, with Hermione getting pregnant soon after (...or before, depending) and the muggle wedding will take place after the story is over.

Dung is a minor part. While Amelia and the Aurors are going to bleed him dry, they're going to sit n the information, unless Dumbledore forces their hands. He's going to be going through some life-changing events and likely it'll be used for statistical purposes only.

But it's there in case hes 'hard to convince'.

The Longbottoms will not be coming back quickly. First the shield has to be eliminated and as Dumbledore placed it, it's dependent upon his magic. Which means, it should fall within four months after this story is over.

I'll include that in the epilogue.

Tonks' lightsaber. Funny it might b, but i don't think any woman would want to use that. As I indicated, there are thousands of little sand-like projections all along the hilt to ensure a solid grip.


Still, it looks good.

I wanted Luna to have something that would reflect her unusual outlook. Her rainbow quartz blades are just the thing. Solid and yet, variable. Just how I see her.

Tune in next time...